Thursday, April 14, 2011

Glass Bead Art

I've been so busy since my last post! So many things have happened! I've been featured in two more blogs. Check it out @ TOV ♥. I was also the lucky winner of a giveaway hosted by Bobbie Pene, a glass bead artist, from New Zealand. What can I say about her pieces? They are EXQUISITE! Amazing little beads that pack an eyeful of wonder. I don't know how she manages to make glass beads so damn beautiful or how she gets the air bubbles right in the middle of the flowers. Here are the pics I took today. Marvel with me people. Just marvel...

cutely wrapped

Seriously, even if you don't care for beads, aren't they just beautiful?

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  1. Thank you Veronica for posting about my beads. I'm so happy they arrived safely and that you love them. A glass flower is made by placing evenly spaced dots of glass in a circle, then softening the center of the circle with the flame. When the center is soft, you poke it with a tungsten poker. This draws the spots of glass toward the center creating petal shapes and leaves a small well in the middle. The flower is then covered with clear glass and the well creates a pocket of air. Wallah! You have a flower and a tiny trapped bubble of air. I love flowers and like you I was mystified by their presence inside glass (and wandered how the bubble got there too). Enjoy your beads and please show me what you create with them :)