Saturday, May 7, 2011


When I was in high school, my body notified the world that I was going through puberty. No, not boobies. PIMPLES!! ACNE! Whatever you want to call them. My mom told me that it was just a phase and that when I grow out of it I'll have healthy smooth skin again. WRONNNGGG. I mean,I don't look like I'm a pubescent teen anymore, but I still do break out sometimes and it's very irritating being that I'm 24! I guess for as long as I'm bleeding out of my vagina I will keep having zits appear randomly on my face when it's "that time of the month."

Yes, I have tried everything. Experimented with various popular products such as: Proactiv, Neutrogena, and Clean & Clear. I've also used some weird pasty thing that my mom bought me from the Chinese store. My dad told me to put my face over a steaming rice. Results? No. Nope. Nah.

Now there's a few things you should know before I reveal to you what has been clearing my face. I'm a Sephora junkie, I'm also every retailers worst nightmare, and I watch Dr. Oz. I have an addiction to shopping - a typical shopaholic, but that's not the bad part. I almost always get buyer's remorse and return about 90-100% of what I buy. My friends, I am an avid returner. Now what the hell does Dr. OZ have anything to do with this? Well, watching the show inspires me to be healthy. Also he's charmed his way into my heart.

So since his show aired and I watched the very first episode, I've been changing my ways and paying attention to things that I put in and on my body. Well, one day I thought. I should switch all my beauty items to natural and organic. My first instinct is to look at Sephora because I can return it if I don't like the product. Now I use Boscia for my face and my face has never looked better. I also use Alba Botanica's Natural Acne Dote (which I found on sale at Target). Those two products have gotten rid of my nasty stubborn period pimples. YAY!

I don't know if it will work for those who are have really bad breakouts. I do break out, but only around my period and it's sparse, but BIG. You know the type that one day your itching and then the next day that itchy spot erupted into a mountain of a pimple? Yea. So when I switched over to natural beauty products, at first I got little tiny bumps, but then it cleared off. If you decide to go natural don't expect instant results. You have to wait it out for at least 2 weeks and hopefully you'll notice a difference. It worked for me.

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  1. I had a sudden acne outbreak my senior year of high school and discovered my skin was ultra sensitive. That's how I got into creating my own solid body care products. I use a purifying kaolin clay facial bar that I make myself and it keeps my body clear from face to toe. Before that I used to use acne medication STILL - I used it for years. I'm so glad you found something amazing that works for you. Nothing will ruin someone's life like bad acne. Thank you so much for sharing!