Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Close up look: MY FIRST SALE!

I got my first sale on Sunday! I was so excited I couldn't sleep. I kept thinking about ideas on how to package my items. Here's what I worked on all day Monday before I went to the post office =) How do you package your items?

I shed a tear for my beloved vintage and prepared them for their new home.

My thank you card design. Of course, I had to blur out my customer loyalty coupon code. =) The card design is small, but it packs a wallop! The card itself is printed on a heavier piece of paper and the 4 inserts are printed on just regular computer paper. Contact me if you want to promote your shop as one of the inserts in my thank you card.
Here's the end result! All the inserts are neatly arranged inside and tied with a bow. You wouldn't guess what I used to tie it up - DENTAL FLOSS!
One last hug before you leave me.
=( goodbye vintage! enjoy your new home!